Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 August Broadcast on WRFB Radio Free Brooklyn

The last night of August, the 20th broadcast of WRFB, a fantastic night at The Flying Perfect Parlor. Special thanks to Jeremiah for stopping by. Listen for his forthcoming album, Folktales of a Fat Boy. As always, thank you all for listening! 
A Taste of Honey: Sky High
Samantha Sang: Emotion
(Emotion, 1978)
The Jacksons: Push Me Away
(Destiny, 1978)
Voyage: Souvenirs
(Fly Away, 1978)
P-1: Wisteria
(Power, 2006)
Donna Summer: To Paris With Love
(single, 2010)
The Family Stand: How I Got Over
Shawn Lee featuring Jeremiah: Lucy
(Sing A Song, 2010)
Jeremiah: Obsession
Mamas Gun: Finger On It

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 August Broadcast on WRFB Radio Free Brooklyn

First - we had listeners in Australia tonight (or this morning)! Thank your for tuning in. Very special thanks to Tai Allen of Vicelounge for stopping by. Catch him at Organix Soul in Springfield this Saturday. Otherwise, find his music via the album title hyperlinks. Thank -- as always -- for tuning in and keeping the stream alive!
The Soulfolk Experience: Breathe
(TBA, 2010)
Nona Hendryx: The Ballad of Rush Limbaugh
(single, 2010)
The Motels: Where Do We Go From Here?
Earl Greyhound: Black Sea Vacation
Greta's Bakery: Prototype
David Bowie: Win
Eurythmics: I Saved the World Today
(Peace, 1999)
Tuan X: Imprint On My Heart
Maiysha: Wanna Be
Vicelounge: Lazy Dude
Vicelounge: Agua Negro (Tension)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 August Broadcast on WRFB Radio Free Brooklyn

You never know what will happen once you step inside The Flying Perfect Parlor. That was certainly the case tonight. Thank you to the very wonderful Darien for stopping by and thank you to all of his fans for tuning in. WRFB "hearts" you! We appreciate you keeping the stream alive, especially when it suddenly disappears! Here's tonight's playlist. As always, click on the hyperlinks to find the music in cyberworld.
Passion Pit: The Reeling
(Manners, 2009)
Tina Turner: Let's Stay Together
Joan As Police Woman: The Ride
(Real Life, 2007)
Shawn Lee featuring Jeremiah: Lucy Lucy
(Sing A Song, 2010)
Cary Simon: Why
(Why 12", 1982)
JohnnySwim: Bonsoir
(5-8, 2010)
Ledisi: Love Never Changes
The Supremes: A Breathtaking Guy
Darien: Composure
Darien: Sail Thru

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 August Broadcast on WRFB Radio Free Brooklyn

What a special night at WRFB and The Flying Perfect Parlor. Very special thanks to Lindsey Wilson for the serenade and for co-hosting the second hour of The Flying Perfect Parlor. (We were like Andy Gibb and Marilyn McCoo.) I loved hearing your playlist! Thanks to all of you who tuned in! Lindsey's music will be available on her new EP in October. As always, click on the album title hyperlinks for more information about the music. (P.S. We missed you Rob Fields and Shelley Nicole!)
Electric Light Orchestra: Shine a Little Love
(Discovery, 1979) 
Janelle Monae: Wondaland
(The ArchAndroid, 2010) 
Eurythmics: Cool Blue
(Touch, 1983) 
Giovanni Truppi: Manuela
Xenia Rubinos: Pan Y Cafe
(Elephant Songs, 2009) 
Munich Machine feat. Chris Bennett: It's For You
Brooklyn Dreams: Old Fashioned Girl
(Brooklyn Dreams, 1977) 
Dionne Warwick: Walk On By
The 5th Dimension: Summer's Daughter
Reuben Butchart & Ki Ki Hawkins: Another Grace
Joan Armatrading: Barefoot and Pregnant
(To the Limit, 1978) 
The Savage Juliet: Trouble
Richie Havens: My Love Is Alive
(Wishing Well, 2002) 
Lindsey Wilson: Skywatcher
Lindsey Wilson: Should Have Ran
Lindsey Wilson: Superman
Sly & The Family Stone: Everybody Is A Star
(single, 1969)
Seals & Crofts: Summer Breeze
Joni Mitchell: Help Me
Pointer Sisters: Fairytale
Stevie Wonder: Higher Ground
(Innervisions, 1973)
Giorgio Moroder: From Here to Eternity
Toto: Georgy Porgy
(Toto, 1978)
Me'Shell Ndegeocello: I'm Diggin' You (Like and Old School Record)
Parliament: Flashlight
The Police: Invisible Sun