Wednesday, April 28, 2010

27 April Pre-Launch on WRFB Radio Free Brooklyn (Special UnFiltered Edition)

A huge Thank You to Nona Hendryx, Jafe Paulino of Viva Mayday, and the UnFiltered Team for calling in to The Flying Perfect Parlor on WRFB's second pre-launch broadcast! Special shouts-out to Ki Ki Hawkins, DAY, and Keith Fluitt (aka Dr. Vox) who were rehearsing last night but "attending" in spirit. (You're in for a special treat for what they have in store at the next UnFiltered show...)

For those listening, thanks for your patience with the audio delays during the interview. Ah, technology! We'll have a smoother ride next time 'round. Hopefully, you enjoyed the music, which was a special UnFiltered blend: every song was by an artist who's performed on an UnFiltered or HopeStock show. Be sure to check out the next UnFiltered show at SOBs this coming Sunday, May 2. Get your tickets at TicketWeb.

Kati Mac: Save Me From Myself

(single, 2010)

Viva Mayday: Bay of Pigs

(single, 2010)

Nona Hendryx: Ballad of Rush Limbaugh

(single, 2010)

UnFiltered Women: Do It

(single, 2010)

The Jean Marie: Down By Savannah

(Annie Jump Cannon, 2009)

Shelley Nicole's bLaKbüshe: blak Girls

(The Quick and Dirty EP, 2009)

Reuben Butchart: Flash & Click

(Golden Boy, 2007)

Maiysha: Gods

(This Much Is True, 2008)

P-1 featuring Beth Arentsen: Fairytale

(Power, 2006)

Russell Taylor: The Way It is

(Confessional, 2009)

Res: There's No Way

(Black.Girls.Rock!, 2009)

JohnnySwim: Away I Go

(1-8, 2008)

Mutlu: Mama's Not Coming Home

(Livin' It, 2008)

Maya Azucena: Like No Other

(Junkyard Jewel, 2007)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

25 April Pre-Launch on WRFB Radio Free Brooklyn

Thanks to all who tuned into the pre-launch broadcast of The Flying Perfect Parlor on WRFB! Thank you to Lindsey Wilson for stopping by for a "sip"....Here's what you heard:

SugaRush Beat Company: Sugarush

(SugaRush Beat Company, 2008)

Kenna: Say Goodbye to Love

(Make Sure They See My Face, 2007)

Beth Arentsen: Good Listener

(Nicer, 2009)

Bette Midler: Skylark

(Bette Midler, 1973)

Jimmy Scott: When Did You Leave Heaven

(Very Truly Yours, 1955)

The Pointer Sisters: Cloudburst

(The Pointer Sisters, 1973)

Metropolis: I Love New York

(The Greatest Show on Earth, 1978)

Bossacucanove feat. Adriana Calcanhotto: Previsao

(Uma Batida Diferente, 2004)

Lindsey Wilson: Unbelievably You

(to be released!)

Lindsey Wilson: You Can't Put a Lasso On Love

(to be released)

Dixie Cups: You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked At Me

(single, 1964)

Blue Horizon: Sleeping With You

(Shapeshifter, 2005)

Phoenix: Long Distance Call

(It's Never Been Like That, 2006)

Intro/Outro: Diana Ross: Sparkle

(The Boss, 1979)